How to commission searches or other services from Fernwood Research

Before contacting me you will find it helpful to gather together all your existing research and known facts. This might include speaking to relatives to ask about any memories or information they have which would help your research.

In your email or letter please set out exactly what it is that you would like to know, or resolve as a result of the research. Please also set out briefly the extent of information you already know and places or resources you have already searched, even if they haven't been successful.

I will then reply to you setting out how I would carry out your commission, and how long I estimate this would take.

Please remember that I charge by the hour, and that this covers time spent on research in archives regardless of whether a positive result is obtained or not.

If you choose to write to me by post rather than by email please DO NOT include irreplaceable artifacts or information which could be lost in the post.

Once you are ready to proceed please write or email to:

Tracy Turner
Fernwood Research
4 Russell Street
SG14 3AE

Fernwood Research

<hertford library>

Fernwood Research services can help you discover your family history, add information to your own research, uncover local history, or provide you with photographs of the homes, work places or graves associated with your ancestors.

Contact us today to hear how we can help your quest to find out about the daily lives of your ancestors and the places where they lived.